May 4, 2015

How To NOT Save A Life.

Can we discuss the Grey's Anatomy episode everyone is talking about?

I recently watched it and bawled my eyes out. I did the full ugly cry thing. My room was dark, I was encased by my pillows and bed sheets, and it was 11pm, so the ugly cry happened. Totally unexpected but it happened.

Moving on.
I am secretly hoping that episode was a dream or a fake or something. I am grasping for a small slice of false magical hope that Dr. McDreamy is still alive.
I hate tv sometimes.

You get totally obsessed with character relationships and then without warning the writers decide to tear up that relationship so you can have a smack of hatred in your heart and nostalgia in your mind for what was and what could've been.
I wasn't planning on crying. I saw plenty of spoilers thanks to social media *heavy sarcasm*. I knew what I was getting myself into, I just knew. And yet, I still cried.

It wasn't until the very end though. For some reason flashbacks and montages of couples meeting and falling in love get me all kinds of emotional. And for that, I ugly cry.

For the first 30 minutes I was like this is stupid, this is dumb, they are dumb, no one does that, yeah right, how is that possible, oh I know what's going to happen, yeah that was predictable, ugh seriously. And then....the tears just flowed from my eyes. I think I had trouble breathing normally. Ugly.

I obviously will continue to watch Grey's because it is a decent show and I am obsessed..

I am not happy with the outcome of that episode though. And I am not happy with the writers decision, nor am I happy with Dempsy's decision. I will move on just not today.

I would like to direct you to this, to see how others feel about Shonda Rhimes decision. 

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Anonymous said...

Hope this doesn't spoil your summer.