May 3, 2015

So Close, But Yet So Far.

I am THIS close to graduation. It is 20 days away..or 19 depending if you are reading this on Sunday or Monday.
Basically school has been consuming all my time and when I decide to take a stand and say "No school, you will not rule over me today", I find myself digging my floor out from under the piles of clothing that have been neglected over the last ___ days. So there's the reason as to my slow blogging abilities these past 9 months.


Incase I reread this post later in life I just want to say, "School, you really annoy me like everyday, but I am really glad I have you because I have become a brain obsessed geek and I love love love it."

Keep on trucking with the brain studies Katie. Like go you, psychology is your toddler child and you have so much more learning and growing to do together.

Don't get me wrong, I, like so many other students that have gone before me, am feeling the pull to not do work. The sun is shining, the instagram posts are blooming, and tea and chocolate are delicious in the belly. School work is the last thing on my mind. I am done. Mentally.Checked.Out.

Here's the problem though. I have 4 papers left to write. 3 exams left to take. And one last payment to make.

I try to motivate myself in the morning and when in lecture, but this is what happens everyday when I come home from class....
So I am not done.

I am close, but not quite there yet. And I hopefully will get a giant push of motivation so I can become a mad woman typer...and not the day before the papers are due. That would be ideal if that did not happen. okay.

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful May. I am loving it.

I am also loving that my BFF Kate Middleton gave birth to a princess yesterday and I am so very very excited about this..
Here are some names I am thinking they could name her:
Elizabeth, Mary, Diana(as a middle name), Anne, or Victoria.

Victoria Elizabeth Diana sounds cool.
So does Elizabeth Victoria Diana
or Mary Diana Elizabeth.
I am done now. My tea is gone. My chocolate cake is unfortunately gone as well. Time to go stroke my cats.


(gifs from this awesome buzzed article.)

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Anonymous said...

We got the Elizabeth Diana parts correct!