June 23, 2015

My So Called "Life"

Since graduation I have been really productive at not being an adult.
I have gone to California. I have cleaned out my closet. I have cleaned out my room. I have cleaned out my closet again. I have gone shopping. I have slept in. And I have mastered the art of looking productive.

I am not sure how to go from college student to adult. Is there a step I am missing? Is the staircase of life full of broken steps or maybe a slide mixed into the steps. I do not know how to do this thing "responsibility". But I do know how to make macaroons, boil eggs, and look good with sun kissed skin holding a glass of wine. Progress.

I am applying to jobs and I am beginning to think about grad school, like looking for a school. I just wish there could be someone else to do this looking for me....like a genie. Yeah that'd be great! Where can I get one??!

This past weekend I was in Portland at a concert (which was obviously a blast because I live for live music and road trips) and I realized how long I have been out of school (a month today) and how much I have not done. That kind of thinking put a slight damper on my weekend and now my monday and tuesday but I WILL FIGURE SOMETHING OUT! I always do!

But if you need someone to make awesome macaroons, I'm your girl. Kapeesh.

OH and my cat just scared the life out of me by jumping off my chair, I forgot he was in here. I am going to need to breathe into a bag now.


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