October 26, 2011

"Hmm" and "Aha" Moments of the Day

Today, being a particularly cold and blustery fall day, I realized somethings and also pondered somethings, so I think I will call these moments my "Hmm" and "aha" moments.

1. What exactly is the point of grades? I mean really, they serve no purpose except to embarrass you in front of people who did better than you.
2. Why does everyone and their mother (I am no exception) text while they walk places? Haven't you heard of looking at other things besides your phone while you walk the blocks.
3. Why do old men creep me out?
4. Why don't I as a girl feel comfortable wearing dresses and skirts to school or just out and about? Isn't that kind of the best part about being a girl, dressing like one!
5. I am curious as to why I lose my cool when people don't clean up after themselves but I'm OK with my room looking like a tornado hit it...hmm.

1. Discovering what the soda button on a pop dispenser means, "SODA WATER", wow...took me 20 years.
2. I actually like grocery shopping, not for 1 or 2 items but for a few weeks of groceries.
3. Sitting in math class and actually understanding something. Never felt so smart in my life.
4. Understanding why my mom likes getting things on sale. It's like a game you play with yourself, how cheap can buy everything..."Oh! 10 for $10! Scoree! That means I can get 3 instead of one!" (This is the convo I have in my head)
5. Realizing that you can get along with your sister and you don't have to disagree on everything...just some more important things..but never about the brand of toothpaste.

I'd love to know what your "moments of the day" were!

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