December 27, 2011

How Things Have Changed

As I am sitting here, listening to Michael Buble's Christmas cd, with the lights on the tree...wishing it would snow, I just learned of another engagement. Holy banana peel. And sadly, since I am just sitting here, my mind decided to count up how many people that I know who got either engaged or married in the year 2011...and well. It's totaling up to 21 or 22..................If that doesn't make anyone who is in their 20's feeling more alone than ever I don't know what will. All I have to say is "Could everyone please calm down". I mean every happiness to those who are engaged or married, but wow. I think this song, which became a theme song for me this year, 
(not just because I am single, but because my friends all moved away as well)
is very fitting for this post.

(P.S. this movie is one of my all time favorites.)

(P.P.S. I am not at all whining, I am just realizing how fast life is changing.)
(I hope you can find humor in this post)

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