March 23, 2012

Friday Confessions

FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond happy today has come. NO MORE FINALS!! I can have a long over due break now! And boy oh boy does it feel good to not have my face shoved in a book. I almost forgot what the sky looks like. Almost.  
Well last night, after my strenuous math exam, I went to the Hunger Games with my seester. We loved it! And as of now, I am running on 4 hours of Enjoy your weekend lovelies! I for sure will :D....oh and the ceremonial burning of my math information will commence this weekend. If you would like to come let me know. 
-Showing off how high i can kick, my other foot ending up in the air as well, thus me actually bouncing to the ground and landing on my elbow and bedonkadonk...body was fine, ego however, was bruised.
-Going to Target. Looking at something. Out of no where a man leans towards me and goes "Aye! Taylurrr Swiiftt gurl!" "Yo Taylurr!", to which I look up. Then the man made this weird growling/barking sound. Uhm. Yea.
-Turning the fan down to medium at the gym since it was on full blast and right in front of my face. The lady next to me goes "Uh! Awhh.". I look over and she goes "I get really sweaty." I go "Oh, ok, sorry.".....and you're not directly in front of the fan because???? Turn it back to full blast and I'll just freeze my way through this run.
-Me. Just me. I really wish I could be one of those girls who is super clever and has everything together when they are talking to a good looking guy or just anyone. How do they do it? I always end up having my brain putz out on me and not being quick with remarks or stories.
-Sitting in the car with my dad whilst waiting for my mom and sister. Dad : "Katie look at the headlights of the car in front of us. They are weird." Me: Look left. Look right. "Where?" Dad: "Infront of us." Me: Look behind me. Look to the right. "I don't see it." Dad: "Katie INFRONT of us!" Me: realizing where FRONT is "Oh!! Ok wow. My blonde is showing."
...congratulations self. Now that we have mastered which direction "front" is,  what is 2+2? because I think I skipped that lesson when I was a baby.
-Dreaming that I had to turn into an electrical outlet in order to save my family. Yep. And I thought the dream of me running, jumping and then turning into half shark half girl was odd, this outlet dream definitely takes the cake.
-Me not being able to stop talking with an Indian accent. I am berry berry good at it.
-Going out to eat. Taking a sip of my water as I'm walking back to my table. My boots deciding it would be cool to show the room of people a new dance move. Me ending up with water all over the floor, all over me, and my face being BRIGHT TOMATO red.
-FINISHING FINALS!! Nothing could feel better than that I tell ya.
-Going to the Hunger Games midnight showing...even if we were surrounded by a baby, hundreds of teenagers, and a yodeler...yes a yodeler. I didn't know how we ended up on a mountain either. But the girl didn't mind singing yodeling a few tunes...Um. Yea. Stop.
-Seeing my dear friend FINALLY after months of not seeing her. Nothing like laughing til your sides hurt to make your day.
-Buying Ryan Keen's EP "Focus". I would HIGHLY recommend it people. Es goood.
-Watching Downton Abbey with my mom and dad...ahem my "mahmah" and "pahpah". Also along with that, my family now thinking we live in Downton. Thus we now talking in British accents at my house and my dad walking around acting like Carson. 
-Wearing a dress and rolling down my windows while in the car. Glorious I tell ya. GLOR-I-US.
-People Magazine commenting on one of my pins on pinterest. Ya. 
-Having an 8 year old race you on the bikes at the gym. I won. 
-Having actual plans from Friday evening to Sunday. Boo ya! 
-Talking a guy (i didn't know him) into buying different color curtains. He asked. I helped. I just said "What does your gut tell you?" but what I really wanted to do was quote She's the Man and say "But what does your heart tell you?"...i resisted.
-Being on a roll with the comebacks. Yes with my family. They don't make me nervous. Like everyone else on the planet does. 

Happy Friday everyone! May your day be ever so magical and fantastic. :)

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