April 30, 2012


Dogs. Dog. Pup. Puppies. Yea, so here's the thing. I used to want a dog more than I wanted air. ok maybe not to quite that extent, but I REALLY wanted one. Did you smarties note the past tense there. If ya did, bravo bravo, you are brilliant :) You see, there is this lovely little job that when you turn 16+ you can dog sit for dog owners and take care of a dog(s) for x amount of time. Not a problem right? Wrong. I was very much so wanting a little dachshund and white golden retriever or a ginormous dog for about 15 years of my life. That was until I began dog sitting. It wasn't so bad when I was watching old dogs who could barely move, they prefer to sleep and such, plus they can't hear so barking is to a minimum. So I still wanted a precious pup or two. THEN I started sitting for youthful, playful doggies. WAYYYY TOOOO MUCCHHH EFFORT. I mean wow. I don't like when they bark. They smell. They chew on things. They always want to play. You can't leave at a drop of a hat. You have to take them for walks or have a large yard for them to run like the wind. And they breathe in your face. So not pleasant. This is when I realized, no. No way Jose. Dogs are not happening for me. Sorry. I mean if you like dogs that is fine. I like them. I just don't have the patience to take care of them. I am such a cat person it's ridiculous. I mean, sooo easy..Give them a piece of yarn or a box, some cat nip, food, water, litter box and a place to sleep and they are happy. I mean HELLO. I am love them cute little purring beauties. Yes. Mhm. Plussssssssss they sleep about 17 hours of the day. Oh yea! Perfect for lazy or selfish people like me...joke. But they are purrfect. How punny am I?

Ok that's all. Have a great Monday evening all you animal lovers. I am gonna go talk like a baby to my precious cats Milo and Maximus. BYE!
 The Milo
The Maximus

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