May 5, 2012


Today is the day. The day that my friend goes to prom. Yesterday I did a full run through with hair and makeup and what a success it was! Yea!! So in a few minutes I am off to do the actual, final (ta-daaaah!) look. I am a smidgen nervous just because it's not a practice session anymore. But I know I will do well because otherwise she wouldn't have asked me. Plus the run throughs went great. And guess what! I did the smokey eye without making her look like she got into a nasty bar fight and was socked in the eyes. Woowoowoo! 
In other news, my dad taught me how to thatch the lawn today. That was thrilling. Almost as good as going to Paris. Almost. 
Anyways. Sorry about not doing my weekly (and my personal favorite) post of Friday Confessions. Ya see, this lovely book that I am typing this post into decided it would be really fun to not save my work even after I pressed the save button. So when I shut down my computer and turned it back on, all my work was gone. And it was a really good posting! So I will probably just do a Sunday Confession or Late Night Confessions tonight. Stayed tuned you wonderful people. 

OH! And we hit 2400 views as of Thursday! Yeehawwww! Thank you everyone for reading my blog, I hope you found some sort of enjoyment out of it even if it comes at my expense of awkwardness...ahhaha. And Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I'm off to be a stylist now (l-o-v-e saying that :) )

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