April 27, 2012

Friday Confessions

Hope you all have a grand weekend! And welcome to Friday
-Yesterday, my iPod fell onto the treadmill and then flew across the gym. 
-Studdering/making weird hand gestures when meeting and talking to musicians. Happens. Every. Time.
-Good looking guys. Another awkward thing for me. I freeze up...and then my face turns red. I'm a charmer. 
-Those conversation's that happen that shouldn't. Why did I say that?!
-My speech. (I guess most of these "Fail's" are about talking) I mumble. Wayyy too much. Help me.
-Driving down the highway, bumping my steering wheel. Thus my horn goes off. No sir, sorry, I was not honking at you. Avoid eye contact. Avoooid eye contact.
-Thinking that your family is listening to you while you are talking. Turns out no one is because they all start having side conversations. Finish your story with "And then I found five dollars." Your dad starts laughing as you walk away. Feeling the love everyone. 
-Ingrid Michaelson concert with my sisters. Also saw Harper Blynn (opener). Met both Harper Blynn and Ingrid Michaelson. Ingrid offered to sign my face. I declined.
-House sitting. Free food. Money. And television!
-Baseball games. Hellllooooo.
-Luxurious 70 something degree weather for 3 days straight. 
-Going to Seattle 3 days in a row. Getting gelato. And eating out.
-Visiting my good friend. Painting pottery. Watching friends. And us almost devouring a large pizza and 10 breadsticks. (Only 2 slices of pizza were left. We are champs.)
-Getting the most wonderful news yesterday from my mom. Never been so happy! 

Happy Day everyone. Enjoy the weekend! 
I am going to a baby shower for my cousin tomorrow. :)

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