April 24, 2012

Purpose/A Rant By Me.

To whom it may concern,
This is me. This is Katie. Your average female in her 20's, living in the land of promise, the land where freedom is our motto and dreams are supposed to come true. I'm trying to figure things out, trying to understand what I am "destined" to do, what I can bring to the table of life.
Ok ya, sounds uber duber stuber cheesy, I am sorry for that. Really I am. I am just trying to make you folks reading this to understand the full perspective that I have right now. 
See now that I have finished school with my Associates Degree in Psychology, people ask me "So now what?" or "What's next?" or my personal favorite "What are WE going to do now?". I'm sorry we? There is no we here, just me. K thanks. 
One thing that really gets to me also is when people ask me where I am going to work. I tell them. Then they give me this look of, I don't know what the word to describe it as, maybe like the face when people look at someone who has just done something wrong. Ya that look. And then proceed that look with the words "Ohh, well good Luck.". Thanks! I appreciate your "support".  
So friends. One lovely word. One word. Just one simple word that I would like to say to these people who ask me over and over and over again what I am going to do with my life. "NOTHING!". Yep. That should get them to be quiet. Honestly.
Here's the truth. Plain and simple. I have plans for my future. Yes. Getting there isn't going to be a walk in the park. And especially for what I want to do, it's going to be more of a steep, winding climb up a snowy mountain. But when I get there (which I will), I plan on being proud of it, loving it and continue to keep working on being better. 
We all have passions. Some choose to follow them and others choose to ignore them. But chasing that passion is one of the greatest things anyone can do. It takes determination. It takes being a strong person. And takes risk. But when you are there, when you have made it to where you want to be, nothing is more satisfying then looking back on how far you have come and thinking "Ya. I did that.".
Ok yea. That was cheesy. That was motiviating. That was a rant of my annoyances for the last year and especially the last couple of weeks. But hey. It's my blog. I do what I want. Have a lovely Tuesday everyone! I hope you find something to make you smile today. :)

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