April 25, 2012


Yesterday my good friend and I painted pottery at a little Pottery place that also would serve you tea. Way lovely. We decided to paint mugs. For obvious reasons. They are practical. They are cute. And they are handy dandy. Plus they are the fun ones to paint. After hemming and hawing for about 15 minutes about what color to do we chose our colors. I picked a mint color called "Jaded" and she picked out a coral color...I can't remember what it was labeled as. Then design time came. That also took some time. We both liked the idea of ombre. The technique was a bit difficult, especially whilst talking, because it was hard to keep track of where you did the last layer, how many layers you did and if it was even. But we finished, quite proud and excited. Now, we are hoping that our mugs look like legit ombre prettiness other wise it'll just look like mint and coral mugs.
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