May 8, 2012

2012 Met Ball

Holy goodness gracious with a cherry on top! I have just died ladies and gentlemen, in a pool of couture gowns, peplum waist lines, feather skirts, trains out your eye balls and form fitting dresses. Yes. The annual Met Ball took place last evening and oh my goodness it was a wonderful thing to behold, this year was the first year the red carpet was live broadcast. I am so happy they did that because it was soup for the soul...more like silk, chiffon, lace, taffeta etc for the soul. (So much so, that my mom probably wanted to stick a sock in my mouth because of how much noise I was making...I sounded like a kid on christmas/a kid who see's something they really want/someone who eats something delicious and savors every bite. That is what I sounded like. I was in sheer heaven.)

 Let me just say. WOW! I mean hello! From Valentino to Prada to Pucci to Givenchy.Utterly wonderful. So since there was the good & the bad gowns, I have done 2 categories to place these gowns....And away we go!
There were others, but these stuck out in my mind. Have a great Tuesday folks. :)
And if you watch the red carpet affair then you know what I am talking about when I say I died in a pool of couture gowns. 

(Photo credit: People Magazine & Just Jared)

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