May 6, 2012

Sunday (Friday) Confessions

Hello. So yea. I definitely did not do a Friday post. If the computer did as I politely asked and saved my work then this post today wouldn't be happening. But alas, that is not the story. So here it Friday Confessions, on a Sunday.

-This post. Happening on a Sunday...instead of a Friday.
-The gym. I mean there are some people who odd and very comfortable with their bodies . And then there is me. Hi, please keep at least 50 ft between your mat and mine and we will be all good here. Sweaty, smelly people, who breathe really hard and drop weights on the ground with a loud (somehow they think it sounds like a sound of success) grunt "aHHAaa". Yeaaaa well I can lift a 25lb weight 10 times and do 1 push up WITHOUT grunting. What can I say, I'm a champ.
-Having itty bitty minor moments of panic whilst traveling with my sister in Portland. I hardly batted an eye when we had to find a place to park. (Incase you think this statement is sarcastic, you are correct) Ya see friends, I do not deal well with pressure+new environments. 
-Having to use the ladies room at a concert. While you are in the middle of a mosh pit. It's one thing getting out of the pit. But getting back in is a whole other story. Especially when getting back in involves an ever so pleasant shorty of a woman (who I could probably knock over with my massive biceps....ok maybe not, but I could take her.) decides to be rude and not let you get up to your sister (who is 4 people infront of her). So in return, you (who is typically a nice pleasant, people pleasing, passive person) remark with a snarky sharp remark with a bit of boldness as to why you aren't with your sister. And then the lady responds with "Not my problem" with a face that makes it seem like she smelled something rotten. Ya.
-Dog sitting for a family. Then noting how much you dislike dogs. Whoops.
-Having a drunk (and I mean I could smell the alcohol on his breath, drunk) guy come up behind you at a concert and whisper/talk in your ear saying (while touching your shoulder...ICK) "Your haiirhhh ihss beauutihhfulllhh." Meanwhile you use your powerful shoulders and shove him away from you. (Me and these concerts, I swear. Odd things happen)
-When you fall asleep watching a movie, wake up and have no clue what day, time, or place where you are at. To add to it folks, I have this weird habit when that happens and I go into the bathroom, look at myself in the mirror and take a deep breath. Then somehow I happen to know what's going on. It doesn't matter what time of the day it is. If I fall asleep and wake up confused, I go into to the bathroom and look into the mirror. It's VERY weird.
-Tripping in front of a singer. AFTER he just thanked me. Yay Katie. You are still you.
-Ummm going to the same concert twice in a row. And getting to meet Ed Sheeran twice. Him being game for taking a No Evil picture with us and chatting with us other than just saying thanks. Super awesome guy, so gracious about everything. 
-Meeting other music lovers at concerts and striking up good conversation and then hanging out after the show. Man I love music lovers.
-Road trip to Portlandia with your sister. Fun. Also we sang the 3 hours down and 3 hours back. It was quite a concert. Sorry you missed it.
-Deciding 2 days in Paris is better than 1. Thus, we will be spending 2 days in Paris, instead of 1.
-Sunshine. Duh.
-Becoming a fan of Snow Patrol. Didn't like them in high school. But now, excellunte! That is what concerts do to me.
-Having success with doing my friend's hair and makeup for prom.
-Hitting 2400 blog views! Thank you everyone!!
-Laughing til my sides hurt with my cousins and sisters.

There we go folks. I am sure there were other things that happened that I cannot remember, also I didn't want to make this any longer than it already is. Have a great Sunday. :)

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