May 9, 2012


My sister and I have been wanting to get back to Europe for the last 3 years, she loves London, I love Paris. That is when we decided to head back over the pond for a few weeks later this year. I think those trips are the best...of course I have never been on THAT kind of spontaneous adventure but I am pretty sure it will be an amazing time. We began looking for flights a few months ago and this week we are purchasing them. We are jumping up and down constantly (we probably look like jumping beans) and keep grinning (so much so I think we will look permanently mental) from ear to ear. Needless to say we are excited. We have made connections and friends with people over in England and in Paris which is the reason why we are going over there (mostly) we also want to sight see..duh and go to lots of gigs. I am still in shock that later this year I will be reunited with my best friend Mr.Eiffel and my stomach will taste glorious heaven again in a scrumtious baguette and pain au chocolat. I am super excited to see our friends and hang out with them again because that will be a huge part and highlight of the trip. 
Me and my sister have planned on condensing our wardrobe and luckily we can share shoes and shirts, which means either DOUBLE the amount of wardrobe changes (i kid, i kid....kinda) or just more room to bring wonderful souveniers back. Like tangfastics, minstrels, Prince Harry, digestives, the eiffel tower, food food and more food. Yup, that sounds like all that is totally able to fit in a suitcase AND totally able to snatch those things up. 
I am looking forward to doubling my Eiffel Tower photograph collection and not really looking forward to using my french, since I am not the best of french speakers, but I can say the important words. Like "Pardon, parlez-vous anglais?" or "Oui. Non. Merci. Bonjour. Bonsoir." and my favorite "Baguette, croissant, pain au chocolat." It's going to be such a memorable trip and I am so thankful that all these doors have opened up and we are blessed enough to go on this adventure. 
I will keep you updated on our trip, like what we are going to see and such. EEEKKKKK!! Sorry, I am just bouncing up and down like a loon with a giant grin on my face while typing like a mad woman...which I definitely look like at the moment...good thing no one is home. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

Have a lovely Wednesday you wonderful people. :D
(Here's just 2 out of 4300 photos taken back in 2009
 when I went to Paris & London for the 1st time.)

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