May 18, 2012

Friday Confessions

...Hehe, hi there...well good news, it's baaaaacccckkk!!! FRIDAY CONFESSIONS!
This week has been oh so worthy of today's posting. My face has turned into the color of a tomato more times than I can count. So the list is going to be wordy, but I just want you to feel the sheer "hand-hitting the face" horror that comes with being me. Kapeesh. Cool. 
Also my cousin had her baby!! YAY! (Fun fact, I bet that he would be born on the 14th or the 16th and guess what!? The bouncing baby boy was born at 11:05 pm on May 16th! Ohhh yesss!) I get to meet the little man this morning. So excited! Something about newborn babies with their soft little hands and feet, also when they are all clean they smell so good 
(...okay that sounded a lil' creepy. I mean it in a non creeper way fyi.). Yep! 
So have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Friday and weekend!
-At Costco, we decided not to grab a cart (because it is totally possible to stick to your grocery list in THAT store). Somehow, our hands magically were filled with stuff, so we were looking through the isles for an abandoned cart to snatch. We found one, my mom told me to go get it. I was about to set stuff into the cart when, slip, shift, smack! the carton of blueberries hit the ground. They rolled away like people running from a burning building. I called out to my mom, but she didn't hear me. So I was left to pick up all the berries all on my own....I was not the color of a tomato at ALL...and it did get really warm in Costco when the berries spilled...ironic.
-THIS WAS NOT MY DOING---Sunday, my sister and I are standing next to each other at church, there was an elderly couple to my immediate left, all of a sudden a horrible smell overwhelmed me and my sister. It was anything we could do not to laugh...or choke and die from that scent. I'm not pointing fingers, but I passed the elderly man later and similar potent smell....
-Gravity. We don't understand each other. He likes to knock me over. I just wanna dance...or just stand up like a normal person.... "I Get Knocked Down" should be my theme song.
-Me and my city of Seattle have this thing. See, when the clock passes midnight "adventure time" as I like to call it, goes down. Especially when it's the combination of Seattle, me, my sister, our little car and after midnight. This night was no exception. We had just left a late show. Time-12:17 am. We were heading to the parking garage, where we had oh so sweetly and safely left our precious little car, when the giant garage door to the garage started closing. We dumbly stared at the parking attendant instead of pulling a James Bond-007, dive and roll movement and going into the garage. Thus the doors shut and we spent the next 15 min running through and around a building like bunch of loons. Fortunately, we found a security guard (after 15 min of searching for the right building and locating the door to get to the garage) who told us the parking attendant was about to leave. Thus we raced to the elevator and ran through the parking garage, to our car, and zoomed out of there, to the gate just as the parking attendant was getting in his car. SAVED BY THE BELL! We made it out and did not have to sleep on a sidewalk. 
-The checker at the grocery store asked us if anything exciting is going on for us. My mom replies with "Yes! We just welcomed a new baby into the family....well not our family, but my niece's-her cousin's." The checker replied "Oh! I was about to say (to me), 'Congratulations!'" And I just go "Ya! I look good for just having a baby." and he says, "Ya, you look way good." .....ummmm.
-Meeting someone new. Those lovely awkward silences. Doo da doo I'll just pretend I got a text...
-My sister and I decided one night to veg out on sour candy and popsicles and watch 27 Dresses. The movie ended and my sister and I are both crying. Not because it's a sad ending. No. We're crying because we cannot relate to the movie at all.
-Having a ten minute, "outdoor voice" discussion with my sister over where her iPod cord is. Then laughing on the floor after we noticed how mature and important that "discussion" was. (I had her cord. Even though I was 100% positive I didn't. hjdwhdbwab)
-Getting up at the crack of dawn to surprise our mom for Mother's Day, except she is up too. There goes the surprise.
-A gaggle of guys were parked right next to my car. I walk up to my car (not looking at them...trying to play it cool..which is next to impossible for me.) The guys stop talking and stared at me and my sisters...Which then we get into our car as fast as we can and drive off. Because clearly they didn't see us. As you jet past them they shout, "HEEEEEEeeeeyyyyy!". Yeah, they DEFINITELY didn't see us.
-Picnics. Love 'em.
-Sunshine. So amazing. That luscious glowing ball in the sky, that us white pale toned people in WA only see 59 out of 365 days of the year. Oh ya. And it was in the 70's for 8 days....only 51 days left of sunshine now :D
-Going to the beach with just my sisters.
-Cookie dough. because it doesn't get enough credit these days.
-Backyard bbq's with the family. Bocce ball, steak, chicken, shrimp, laughter. Ya 'es good.
-My dad telling the family at the dinner table that "We should have opera dinner night every week, beginning now." and continues in an opera singing voice "I'm off to choirrrr!! Look at meeee! I am going downnnn stairrrrss!........I'm in the garrrrAGGGEEE!!" 2 minutes later we receive a phone call from him, "I'm in the caAARRrrrr!". Yep. My family should have our own tv show. 
-Delicious brunch on Sunday. Created and made by me and my sisters. 
-A fabulous new green clutch that I absolutely love....and will use when I gain a social life.
Have a great day folks! I hope everyone does something that they have been anxious to do all week. Because that friends, is what weekends are for. Mhm. Ciao!

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