May 15, 2012

I Want That...

Anxiously awaiting summer to come. And this week has made it almost impossible, I think it is just mean trick that the weather in Seattle is playing on us. It has been upper 70's the last 3 days and pure glorious bliss has it been. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that it will not stay like this. Rain lives here and with our luck, that rain will turn to snow. This is the conversation I feel the weather has here, Clouds:"Oh hey, Sun! How are you!?" Sun:"I'm excellent I thought I would stick around here for while, give these pale folks some bit of brown to their skin tone. Oh ahahaha! I made that one go red! Bahaha sucker!!" Clouds: "That's not very nice! GO AWAYYYYYYY." And poof the sun will leave and not return for another 268 days. 

....Anyways....with all the bbq's and shorts, lawn games, sun bathing and happy people (no joke does the sun turn people's moods upside down. In WA when the sun comes out, it is like hermits coming out of their shells. I did not know so many people lived here.) I thought I would just place these beauts in front of your face so you can cry over and dream about how much you want it to be summer and also how you wish money grew on trees so you could buy these things.  
These are a few of my favvooorrritte (summer) things....

Sleeveless Laurina Top
Denim cutoffs w/loose top and red wedges
Bold, red wedges
White tank
Lace crop top
Long black skirt to wear with lace top
Flat gladiator sandals balance out the boho vibe
Coral Sweater
Black leather crops
leopard flat
Long Cardigan
Lauren Conrad Platform

 Accessorize with these tings
Necklace, just check out this page for more
Sun hat
Dior retro sunglasses
Chunkify your wrists with "Arm Candy"

WEEW, what a list! Have a great day!!

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