May 13, 2012

Ma Mere

The woman in red, is one of the most beautiful and caring persons that I have ever known...and lucky me, she happens to be my mom! I honestly cannot write down all of what she means to me because that would become a very mushy novel that would bring any person to tears (ya, I am that good of a writer). My mom has always been my rock in my life, she supports me, she listens to me, she teaches me things that I never knew (like pouring boiling water over fruit stains. stain comes right out!) and she gives excellent advice..even if I don't want to hear it. She is my confident and one of my best friend's. To add to that, a fabulous cook too. Yep. My mom is awesome, let's me dance like a loon and even will join in, she let's me be me. I appreciate her more and more as I get older. So here's to you ma mere! 
I love you so much! 
Happy Mother's Day!

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