May 6, 2012


Djkladjknwndcmssowxmkalcdmk!!!! Incase you are not fluent in "key slamming", djkladjknwndcmssowxmkalcdmk!!!! means "YAHHHOOO!! I DID IT!!". Yes friends, it's true. I had major success with doing my friend's hair and makeup for prom-o-lama. Smokey eye for a white girl-check. "Thank you for the country music awards" hair-check. Super happy gal feeling pretty for her prom-check check check. I felt super duper fantastical after finishing that appointment. And made me realize that, yep, I for sure still want to style people. Be that hair, makeup, nails and ENSEMBLES. Ah-la-la-laaaaaa I love making people feel good about themselves. Nothing more rewarding. The End. Have a nice Sunday. :)

Here she be. (P.S. she is british so she said she would waltz into her prom waving at the "commoners" and they would think she is a royal because she is british. Hiillarious!) What a knock out :)

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