June 23, 2012

Revenge of the Pinterest.

Oh golly. You guys. After 2 months away from that little button that says  "Repin", I am back. It's embarassing, pinterest is my weakness. Sounds stupid. And is stupid. But I am allowing you to judge me, I mean I judge people who are addicted to video games and tanning booths. ANyways. I would just like you to know I have had it back for about a week and have pinned about 300 new items.....(shuts laptop, slinks into corner, & hides from the world)That is super bad you guys. Help me!!! I cannot stop. I took the app off my phone because it was like crack to me. Just sitting there all pinteresty like being all "heyyyy, kattttiiieeeeee. just take a glance, a quick glance. One pin never hurt anyone...commeee onnnn." and 50 pins later I get off my phone and remember what it was like to play outside or talk to humans. I know lots of girls that have the same addiction. My best friend is one of them. But no one seems to have it as bad as me. I cannot control my pinning finger. I don't know what to do. I'm thinking about starting a PA group. Pinterest Anonymous. We can do the whole, "Hi, my name is ____ and I'm a Pinoholic." If you'd like to meet, let me know. I'll just put a link on pinterest and you can repin it. Oh. wait. Nevermind.
Hope you beautiful people are having a wonderful weekend!

(Today Radio 1 Hackney Festival went down in England. My body wanted to be there so bad. Some days being an American really isn't all that and apple pie. Oh well, there's always youtube.)

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