July 11, 2012

This Is Bad

Remember that time when I used to be on top of my blogging. Goodness. I am going to get better at this. I really do love blogging, it's just things like hanging out in the sun with friends and planning my life, and watching Harry Potter over and over have seem to taken precedence over my little blerg I've gots right hurrr. Here it is folks, I want to know what you like or dislike about my blog just to keep your interest peaked. You must have found something you liked other wise you wouldn't be reading this. I really love fashion so I try to do at least one type of style piece a week, and I like sharing my life on here, the awkward parts and the annoying rants. I also enjoy music so I'd like to include that too. I'm just trying to figure out if there are other things you like. I probably shouldn't be asking because this is supposed to be my thoughts, but when I started this blog I focused only on fashion. Then it spread into fashion and me. Then I added a little bit of music. Then I kind of lessened the amount of fashion and just talked about me moi myself. Le sigh. I guess I can should figure this out on my own, but I love your feedback and your comments! No joke, my heart gets really happy when I see someone commented. I also love seeing where my views are coming from USA, Russia, UK, Spain, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and many more! You all mean so much to me! .....and that makes me sound like a crazy woman. I'm not, I promise. It just feels really amaze when I see where in the world you beautiful people are reading from. I cannot believe I started this blog (actually regularly writing on it) in September and now 3100 views later I have got so many viewers. So thank you! And now this post is a thank you as well.. hahaha, well you can see how my brain works la la la--OHHHH a bird! 
Anyways. This is my plea/promise to you that I will try to better this blog and write much more frequently. I really love this little outlet for my thoughts and likings on here. So I'm not going anywhere, I just will try to be more regular with posting. Prepare yourself. I will be busting out some postings this week and multiples in a day. YEEE! Have a lovely evening or morning! And you are wonderful!

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