August 27, 2012

Five Fashion Favs

Summer is sadly winding as we get ready to say our goodbye's here are some of my favorite fashion trends as of right meow.
Ya I said meow. No I'm not a cat.

SWEATERS!! Chunky, ribbed, lovelieness. J'adore le sweaters. And bring them right into fall cuz you chunkayyyyyy.

Headwraps. Pishhhh, I love these. I don't have one, but I make do with a scarf and wrap it around my hair. My mom told me, "You look like your on vacation in the Mediterranean. I like it! It's so cute!". Also my grandma really likes this look too, so there ya go, mother and grandmother approved.

VINTAGE TEES. Because duh. This is the easiest wardrobe staple and uber cheap. Just hit up Forever 21, Target, Value Village...or even better...your parents closet...or maybe your own. :)

Printed Skinny's. LOVE EM. OH LA LA. They are so cool. Like my own 1993 stretchy pants meets my 2011 skinny's and had a child. Fabulous.

Chunky heels. I use to hate these. Like loathe the ground they clanked upon who thought it would be okay to bring back my friend's mom's old heels and say yes please wear these again. But not gonna lie, the 2012-2013 version of the 1992 heel is much approved and SOME not all look amazing!

and as a special bonus..........I'm also obsessing about chuck's this high top or low riders, these are fabuuu!

YUMM. I love me some trends. Check out more here and here. :)


Sandra Leiva said...

Love the black shoes <3

Anonymous said...

How about chunky turtleneck sweaters?

Anonymous said...

How about chunky turtleneck sweaters?