August 28, 2012

How to...

This how to is a little different from my last one. This one is for the sake of photos. And ONLY photos. If you dare risk taking this one outside the photo relm..ohhh gurllll nuh uh *diva snap*. People will be giving you a look...and not a "hey! let's be friends" one. 
This is the how to for: How to-Lip Pout***.
Ah yes! A successful look given by the female species in order to capture a pleasant and appealing photo. So enough jibber jabber, let's get down to bidness.

Step 1: Make sure you have a lip gloss or lipstick of some kind on, for this will attract attention to your mouth.
Step 2: Be sure to be wearing makeup. And by wearing, I mean frost that sucker on like you be frostin a cake.
Step 3: Grab camera, cell phone, mirror, and hold it directly out or at a 45 degree angle from your face. (this is the better angle as it lessens the chins on your face.)
Step 4: Get ready! It's pose time!
Step 5: Push lips outward. Like you are about to kiss someone, but relax the lips in order to not look like you are going to kiss them...kapeesh. (Like this...kinda)
Step 6: Take photo. It's totally cute if you throw a peace sign up with your hands, or put your hand into your hair and push upward, this creates a fun style and look to the photo.
Step 7: Edit photo. Change color to anything that makes you look another color. I'd recommend "rise", "toaster", "walden" or "nashville" on instagram settings.
Step 8: Post photo to facebook, twitter, or instagram OR all of the above. Make sure to add a clever caption so it's captivating like, "Hi" or even a quote from a song.
Step 9: Make it your new profile picture, cuz honey you look gawgus.
Step 10: Check these social networks often to make sure you are getting comments and likes.

Step 11: Repeat these steps every 3-6 days. :)

And voila! You have now learned how to "lip pout" like a pro.

****disclaimer: never do this. like ever. it is what many people call "duck lips" and it is a horrible unattractive look that someone came up with when they were jealous of baby pouts....or something like that.

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Katherine Lucille said...

Oh my goodness!!! hahaha, you make me laugh so much! I was very relieved to see the disclaimer!