August 25, 2012

Polka Dots

This is what my Saturday night looks like. Movie-Check. Nail Polish-Check. Cats-Check, Check. It's gooooooood. I just finished my chocolate caramel cake in a mug and holy banana peel, friends, I just tasted heaven. Yum. I made it in 3 min. Amazingness. Saved that recipe for sure. Anyways, since I have never done a personal fashion post before, I decided, hey why not, have a whack at it. So here I go. I call it polka dots & lace. 

I got these pants last weekend while out shopping with my mom and sisters. I wasn't even looking for these type of pants, and I didn't know I needed them so badly. I love them! The skinny fit, the style. It's Audrey Hepburn meets minnie mouse. :) Throw on a pair of black heels or pointy flats and BAM! 1963 called, they love your pants. :)
 Yep. Got them from JcPenny too, which is cray cray!
Okay night folks..I am gonna hide from the world this...

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