September 10, 2012

Food Face

      I have been having this ridiculous skin problem on my face as of my 21st birthday. And without going into detail because that is gross and unnecessary, let's just say it's about time I see it go away! So with the world wide wonderful (and sometimes scary) web, I have been looking into diets and such that will (supposedly) improve your blemishes and break outs. Starting this week I am going to be "cleansing" I guess you could say, and see if there is an actual difference in my face. I am a pretty healthy eater with the occasional (and by occasional I mean every day) cookie or two, or even a bowl of sorbet. So there isn't a whole lot I am changing, just adding more fiber and iron to my diet and just monitoring food portions. Oh and water. I am drink A LOT of water, which means I cannot sit still for very long. If you know what I mean...Click here for food and skin health.

What I am adding to my daily food life...
   -drinking 3-4 bottles of water a day (700mL)
   -handful of roasted/unsalted almonds
   -more whole grains. 
   -green tea

-I am not adding a whole lot but I am taking out some things. I am taking out my access of graham crackers and nutella...I eat at least 4 crackers a day...
-Reducing my consumption of homemade chocolate chip cookies (sad day on the cookie farm.)
-No more dried mangos. waehh!
-Lessen the amount of carbs..bread, pasta. watch it.
      ya. That's about it. Like I said, I eat pretty healthy to start with so I am not changing too much, just more reducing my sweets intake.

As I am writing this I am so hungry. Nothing sounds better to me than cookies and pizza. Oh my goodness......heeeeeeeeeeeellppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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