September 20, 2012

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday everyone! It's my weekend which I am so excited about because I am sick! Yay for nursing myself back to health. I sound like a man right now. It's cute. Also i cannot breathe, which is also lovely. Call me Darth Vader.
Seeing as I have not done a Friday Confession in a while I think today is the day for one! Yee haw and a hoe down to celebrate!

-Watching my boss's baby while she was in a meeting. The best part being that's when all the single males came into the building. And looked right past me. Uh! She's not mine! I'm SINGLE, BABYLESS!! I PROMISE!! COME BACKKKKKKKKK.
-Playing with the baby on the ground. Baby falls over. Baby bumps head on ground. I am now comforting crying baby.
-Having to ask the receptionists countless times to let me into the work room to make copies. They give me a glaring smile and let me in....for the 11th time that day.
-Answering the phone for the first time at work and not being able to form sentences, let alone english words. Hi blah and blah, this Katie is, uh, uh, I mean uhhhh. Hello?
-Getting the oil changed in the car. Hate it. It's on my top 10 list of things I hate to do. Lady: What kind of oil would you like? Me:Uh the normal kind....can you just choose for
-Sneezing so hard you injure your back. What am I? 50?
-Watching One Tree Hill and realizing you no longer like that show/how did I ever like it? I used to be obsessed. Now I am just not impressed. Anyone want to buy seasons 1-9 off me?
-Bragging to my mom about how far I can run. Go on a run with her. I get a side ache and injure my knee. I walked most of the journey.
-Going to the gym with my sister and seeing who can walk the weirdest on the treadmill. Then I trip.
-Interviewed in ripped jeans and a "team jacob" shirt. bravo. results below....

-My boss is awesome!
-Getting all of our sleeping accommodations finalized for our trip!
-Less than a month til the trip.
-Sunshine. Like warm enough that I am still wearing shorts.
-Learning to row with my mom and another friend, on the crew team. Cool...and they wanted me to join. 
-Technology. Allowing me to connect to my friends all over the country and globe. 
-3 day weekends.

Have a great weekend guys and gals. :)
Hopefully I'll be better by Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Like you're 50?! 50 is the new 30. Feeling better, I hope. Sneeze the day, I mean, seize the day!