September 20, 2012


Over due posting. WAY over due. I have some news to share with you, as to why I have not been posting as much. 
   Oh yeah yeah yeah! So happy! It just happened that my aunt's neighbor needed an assistant at her law office. My aunt said I had experience as a secretary and am extremely organized and told her she should consider me. I went down to my aunt's to help with her house projects and then she told me to go over to her neighbor's house and chat with her. I was wearing ripped jeans, a dorky shirt and no makeup, real classy interviewing clothes, but I got the job!!
   I work in a office and the commute is kind of long but that means I get plenty of time to perfect my mini concerts in my car. It's sort of a stressful job, being that I have to deal with legal paperwork and courts and unhappy folk, but my boss is super nice and it'll be a short term thing since I'll hopefully be accepted into a university for spring semester. But that is why I have been not so hot with the blog upkeep. 
   On another note I have also been planning the trip overseas for me and my sister. As of last night we have ALL of our sleeping accommodations set-up. Which is awesome! Now we just have to get our train tickets and we will be set to go. And we are in the final countdown now! Less than a month till we leave!! AHHHH so odd. And exciting. But I feel less than prepared. Hahaha. I am beyond excited though. And the thoughts of hugging and seeing the Eiffel Tower again, help me get through the day. Yes, I am THAT awesome.
   I have to scoot off for work now but I want you all to have a wonderful day and find something enjoyable to do today! BYEEEE!!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your job! Have fun with your trip planning. (Jealous.)