September 29, 2012

My 5 Recent Pins

Taking a wittle bweak from my college applications (near completion eek!) to bring you my 5 recent pins from pinterest. I'll tell you what boards they are from and so on and so forth. They may or may not be random. But I just thought I'd share and keep this post coming back since it's new and all. Wow I do not think that sentence made any sense. Ehkay. La-tee-da, here you go!

PIN 1: Wardrobe. Fun fact that I just realized. I have those boots and that bag. (Wardrobe thinks yes)

PIN 2: Hair/Makeup/Nails
Her hair. Me likey alotty.

PIN 3: Wardrobe.

PIN 4: Be Fit

PIN 5: Hair/Makeup/Nails
I just really like Emma Watson's make up, stunning.

That's all, you can check out my other pins (all 5,000+ of them eersh.) HERE.

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