January 23, 2013

College Life

FEELING SO MUCH BETTER! I made friends yesterday at orientation which means I no longer eat in the confines of my four walled room, that's right I eat in the cafeteria or the little cafe. Big movements for me. Last night we went to menchies with the giant group of new students and then we saw a movie, all for "free". California is beginning to feel more like home and less like a scary place. I am currently eating sour patch kids (healthy) and wanting to desperately go to disneyland, trip to come soon I'm sure. Staff and a lot of students are pretty friendly (and actually call me out by name, which makes me go huhhh, cuz that never happens for me.). Everyone longboards to class, or skateboards or rides scooters, and yes they have beanies. I now need to ship my razor scooter from 2001 and bring that red rider out onto campus. Another fun fact, the guys here are very attractive, being that they are all tan, muscley and b-ea-U-tiful. Making walking around on campus fun, but also disappointing being that I continually look at my feet whenever I pass a good looking one. I'm FULL of confidence, CLEARLY.
Here's some photos of my dorm room, and yes I have my own room. 873 points to me. And this is my room. I apologize for the photo quality:
That black sheet, is a curtain, I still have to purchase a rod and another curtain to make it look less ghetto.
There be me room matie. 

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Anonymous said...

Home Sweet Home! Hope you make lots of great memories there.