January 28, 2013

Day 11-Cambridge-London

On our 11th day of travel across the pond, we prepared to leave Cambridge and head to London where we would be located for the remainder of the trip. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
We woke up in the "morning", finished packing up our stuff, showered, watched some "Friends" episodes and headed out (luggage in tow) to get some food. David carried our bags to the boot of his car (boot in england means trunk, there ya go), then we drove into town to get food. I however, did not realize it was half past noon and thought it was only 9:30 am, which was why I was so confused when we showed up to a restaurant why people were eating lunch. But then I figured it out and it all made sense...I still order a breakfast dish. David paid for our "breakfast", also he worked at the place we were eating so if we needed anything he would literally get up and go to the kitchen to get us whatever. Hilarious. After we finished eating, we headed to a cathedral in Ely. Little fact: If a town/village has a cathedral in it, that town/village is known as a city. Interesting.
We had planned the day before to go on a tour of this massive cathedral in Ely, so we got there plenty early to have time to go on the tour before me and my sister had to catch our train to London. I kid I kid, we had to run to the cathedral because we were slow eaters. Once we bought our tickets for the tour, and by the way it was really cold and windy outside, and me being me I had only a jean jacket on, which was really smart considering we were going to be outside for most of the tour since we were climbing to the tower. Anyways, after we bought our tickets a fire alarm went off (jean jacket jean jacket) and we had to stand outside for 10 mins....10 freezing min. That's when I realized my coat option was a stupid one. After the alarm, we headed back inside and got in a small tour group of 6 people, and our tour began. We learned all about the building, how the ceiling was mosaic tiles instead of stone carvings, how parts of the ceilings were made out of cedar wood instead of stone (rarity) and how old the building was. We trekked upstairs through a spiral stairwell, where we made it out onto the roof, which was awesome. The stairwells continued to shrink in size the more we went up them. When we made it out onto the top of the cathedral, we were able to see the entire city of Ely and all the way out to Cambridge. It was freezing up there but the view was well worth it :)

After our tour of the church, it was time to head to the train station. We were heading down a rural road when David pulls over and goes, "Do you guys want to drive?". Uhhhh yeah.
My sister drove first, hugging the grass on the shoulder, while I was in the back laughing nervously praying we don't die. David was in the front telling my sister to move away from the ditch. She never did. Then it was my turn. Which I became extremely hesistant to driving because I just figured I would kill us all and that just wasn't ideal. After much persuading from my sister and David, I got in the driver's seat. And hey, since I am writing this post you can come to the conclusion, no one died. I didn't get us into an accident and everything was good. And David said my driving did not make him nervous (since I stayed in a proper spot in the road.) PHEWW. We let David drive the rest of the way.
Got to the train station, said our sad goodbyes, and off to London we went. The train ride was quiet and sad, but we were also looking forward to being in London....even if that meant our trip was winding down.
When we got to King's Cross station (after figuring out the tube station and walking all over the place to buy our tube tickets) we went and activated our oyster cards :) my sister was so excited and her smile was stuck on her face for the duration of the day. 
Then it was off to find our hotel (which was less than satisfying), once we got to our room I was quick to jump on the bed and dance around to Gangam Style. Since our room had no wifi, we walked around London to find Pret A Manger, where we ate dinner and stayed glued to our phones. 
Back to our hotel to sleeeppppppppp.

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