January 27, 2013

Lazy Sunday

As today is Sunday, and I have no plans, I will just let you know what I did on my first Friday night at a University and what I did yesterday--Saturday. 
Friday I had class until 3pm, which sounds bad but seeing that I don't have class til 1pm on Friday's, 2 hours of class is a breeze. I went to my american lit class, prepared with the poems from Emily Dickinson and my haiku written up about my impression of her writing. A few things happened while in class. 1.) I almost walked into the wrong class room. 2.) I got to class and thought I had done my haiku wrong, but turns out I was just fine. 3.) I noticed the good looking guy in my class dropped the class. Now I am class-crushless. 4.) I realized I may very well be a fan of poetry.
After class was out I headed over to my music & culture class. Thrilling class. I actually like it, but all we did was count beats out on friday via clapping and let's just say I was wanting to do other things. But it's cool. I was called on in class to name a famous american poet and I couldn't think of a single name, which is funny because I just came from Lit class where we were discussing Dickinson's poetry.....yeah. Some people shouted out Dr. Seuss but my professor was looking for Robert Frost as the answer. So good thing I couldn't think of any poet, 'cause that would have been embarrassing to say the wrong answer. 
After class got out, I walked back to my dorm in the pouring rain (umbrellaless because I'm from WA, and it was just lightly sprinkling, but the Californians were wearing full down pour weather gear, which was both hilarious AND entertaining. 
Once I got back to my dorm I watched some tv to wind down, thinking that I would be spending a very chill friday night in my room watching movies and drinking tea, but I got a text from my friend Halle suggesting that we go get dinner and then go to the library and study. Which I just laughed and said "no way! we are not doing that!".......except I didn't say that. 2 hours later, I put my backpack on and off to the cafe I went with Halle, where we got some food (with the rest of the over packed athlete filled cafe), and then trekked off to the library to study. Left the library at 9:30 PM (woweeeee) and then headed back to my room where I facetimed with my sister and then watched some telly on HULU. My roommates went out but me being me, stayed in and enjoyed the loveliness that is my bed. :)
SO SATURDAY. Woke up at 10 am. And got ready to head to Venice Beach to see Nina Nesbitt's gig on the beach. Me and Halle, along with 2 other girls from Twitter headed out to the beach. 
We got there, parked and turned the corner, and there be Nina Nesbitt and her manager Vicki, shopping for sunglasses, we said hello and chatted for a bit, then let them get back to their shopping. Me and Halle headed over to the skate park to watch the guys do some awesome...jumps?? I don't know the skateboarding lingo. At 2 the gig started, and the sun moved behind massive amounts of fog and then my nicely done hair decided to have a mind of it's own and grow out like a fro. So therefore my hair went into a bun. The gig was lovely. There was probably 100+ people there which was awesome. After the gig, we got photos and chatted some more with Nina, which was great! She was really friendly and great to chat with. Then we were dropped off back at our school. Halle and I decided to head to Chipotle for dinner. But first I FaceTimed with my family, and fixed my hair. I love technology, it makes living so far from home more manageable. 

Halle and I headed out to Chipotle, which was DELICIOUS. And then obviously Target was the next on the list. Where I bought a shirt and a movie, Halle bought other odds and ends, which is what happens when you go to Target. 
Ended our evening by veggin out on her couch watching Korean soap operas, accapella performances, and GI Joe. 
And that was my weekend. Today I am thinking I don't have a clue what I am going to do but I did make my bed, so I may just read the rest of my assignments and maybe go to the beach later. But it's not blasting sunlight outside so who knows. Yeah. Okay. Yep.

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Anonymous said...

So much to do in Cali. You didn't mention the surfers. Hope you enjoyed Nina Nesbitt.