February 12, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Like Taylor Swift once said, 
On Friday I turned the magical double deuces. 22. Woke up to sunshine and a smile on my face, as well as a few cards and a gift sitting on my desk. I went and met my friend Halle at the caf. for breakfast, being that it was my birthday I had french toast with peaches. After breakfast I called my mom for a chat till I had to go to class. It is definitely different spending your birthday away from your family but thank goodness for phone calls and facetiming, my sister was flying in later that night for the weekend as well.
The rain decided it would be cool to pour down that evening, I just decided to think of it as confetti. Halle and I went out to Red Robin for dinner, and then went shopping where I picked up a few odds and ends. Then it was back to my school to await the arrival of my sister :)
My seester showed up around 9 pm, we were so so so happy to be reunited as seen here.
Seeing as the night was still young, me, my sister and Halle piled back into the car and went out to a restaurant for dessert and drinks.
Since every place we wanted to go to was closed, we ended up going to P.F. Changs. Which worked out well being that they had a delicious waiter---I mean chocolate torte cake......that I got to have for free because IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!
When the evening festivities ended, my sister and I headed back to my room where my sister and I decided to share my XL twin bed. XL meaning extra long, not extra large. Didn't sleep much that night.  
Saturday we got breakfast, then went to get me a replenishment of groceries and printer ink. AND THEN IT WAS CONCERT TIME.  
We headed to the Hollywood Palladium in LA for the evening, meeting up with some girls and enjoying a very energetic evening filled with singing along and standing in awe watching Foy Vance, shouting the lyrics to the Rizzle Kicks songs(BIG FAN RIGHT HERE), and doing the hump to "Mama Do the Hump", yes people stared because I'm that good of a dancer.......
Ed Sheeran did yet another fantastic show. My sister and I never tire of concerts, especially Sheeran's shows, so full of good vibes and by the end you typically have little voice.
We got back to my school in the wee hours of the morning and snuggled back into my tiny bed, this time getting a full 7 hours of solid sleep.

Foy Vance
Rizzle Kicks
Ed Sheeran
SUNDAY. Beach day. After 2 facetime calls. My sister and I drove to Zuma beach where we laughed, jumped waves, laughed, danced, laughed, took photos, laughed, ate GIANT birthday cookies that my mom made me, laughed, and watched dolphins jump through the sea. It was perfect.

It was a fantastic birthday weekend. And I am so glad I got to spend it with my best friend.

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Anonymous said...

So excited about the dolphins. Love your beach photos! You and your sister have an amazing connection. Happy B-day to you. Sounds like it was fun, albeit different.