April 10, 2013

Story Time

Well I have not done an update in a while.

School is rolling on, just as the pounds are as well. Whoops. Sorry body, I like cookies.
I am still as awkward as ever. And with my current situation of being invisible to my roommates, my awkwardness has only intensified. When I interact with people outside of my four walls I get overly excited and cannot form normal sentences. Also, my voice croaks a lot when I speak because I have not used my vocal chords until 1 in the afternoon that day....that or, I'm still going through puberty......
When people ask me what date it is or if I know when the next test is, I blush. Because apparently that is something to be nervous about. April 7th, 2013. Oh ah! 
I live on the bottom floor of my hall, my window gets passed by at least 20 times per day and yet I still change with the curtains open. Don't know why I think people can't see me, I mean we are in college, people are purvey. Sometimes I crouch in between my closet and my dresser with the lights off. So far no one has noticed......that I know of. I also tend to leave my door shut for most of the day when I am home because hearing "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?!" can only be tolerated for so long.
Laundry. That is something I actually look forward to. I'm in college right? Not in senior citizens housing? I like the adventure I go on 30 steps down the hall, 7 steps up the stairs and 30 steps into the laundry detergent smelling room. I also enjoy washing my towels, sheets, ANYTHING THAT I CAN. Clean is good.
Grocery shopping has become another one of my favorite hobbies. Sales, "Dollar make me holla!". I guess you could say instead of having college be a time of fun in terms of parties and friends, I find fun in domesticated woman stuff. And yes, that was a gender biased remark. Funny because I'm in sociology of women's studies.
I live in a dorm that things happen in. As many college students do. What I am trying to say is, my sheltered mind is no longer sheltered, but instead has become a hole in the ground that sees too much and hears things no one wants to hear. Basically, my brain is forever scarred.
The last thing about college life. Men. I would say man, but there are plenty of other good looking dudes on this campus, but a certain one really just catches my eyeballs. We will refer to him as "Pen".
Pen is this dreamy piece of man who is in my sociology class. Yes. My women's studies class people. He cares about women's rights....or he needed a filler credit, but for the sake of my mental insanity we will say, he cares. Basically he is this guy who looks like some super tough man but turns out he is sensitive. He babysits boys during the week so their mother can go to work, he loves modern family(sense of humor), he likes Grey's Anatomy (I'm from Seattle, G.A. takes place in Seattle.) and he drinks tea at Starbucks. How do I know all of this. Typically I would say I creeped, because you would all be lying if you say you have never done that, but no actually I talked to him. Yep round of applause to me people. I talked to a dude, a dreamy sensitive man dude.
We had an assignment and got split into groups based on what we picked. We picked the same topic. I sat down, he sat down next to me. He took control of the group and we began discussing. Pen asked us to say what shows we watched (that was our groups assignment) and he went first, asked people if they had seen Modern Family, no one said anything except me. He looked at me and we started laughing about how funny that show was, I don't know how I was able to form a sentence, but I did. When it came around, some girl said she watched G.A., Pen got excited and said he loved that show, as do I. Then it was my turn, the show I said I watched was Bones. He got even more excited and said "That show is so good!" I agreed, although that was the only time I had seen that show...I'm a lier in love. Basically for the rest of the class whenever he talked about Modern Family he would look at me and talk since I knew that show too. It was magical and for a whole 55 min, he sat next to me. Ahhh sigh.
Pen is so smart too, whenever he talks I mentally drool. I actually love it when the teacher picks on him or he has an opinion (which he always does and it's never said in a demeaning manner). He also came to class crying once. Sensitive. He was behind me in line at Starbucks and he ordered a venti tea. I mean this guy is one rad man.
Basically Pen is my crushmate....classmate+crush=crushmate.
Such a shame he's graduating this year. :(

Other than that, I have not done too much else around this school. I go to the cafeteria alone a lot on the weekends and therefore call my family so I am not eating "alone". I love getting mail even when 99.9% of the time it's from my mom. I eat a lot of junk food. Especially Nutella. And I run 4 miles a day.....aka 4 miles every 8 days. Super fit!

That's all for now. I without a doubt will have an embarrassing story or ten soon, so no worries, these updates will become more frequent.

I should write my paper now. But first.....hi chocolate.

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