April 13, 2013

Thursday: Ben Howard

Last night me and two other gals headed south to San Diego to see the ever talented Ben Howard perform at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. What a show! This was the second time for me seeing Howard perform live, and second time was just as enjoyable as the first time...but this time I could sing along to the songs since I knew them better. He performed many of the songs off of his Every Kingdom album and songs off of his Burgh Island EP, which I found out from another gal that those songs on the EP are also found on his deluxe version of Every Kingdom. Learn something new every day :)
Ben How-a-rad. Yeah. He's rad, but uhm you spelt it wrong. HOWARD.

He played my favorites: Only Love, The Fear, Keep Your Head Up, Oats in the Water, Everything...and many others like Old Pine, Black Flies....I can keep going, but for you the reader I will stop.
I never tire of seeing an artist give a performance 100%. He adds so much more to his live shows, and his band sure puts one good show on. I don't think I stood still at all during the show, I love when music takes ahold of one's body and you just feel the song to the tips of your toes to the top of your head...mostly mine stays in my legs because I kept bobbing and swaying. I ain't much of a dancer but I know how to sway and bob.
The Belly Up Tavern was a great venue as well. There was tons of seating and I got a subtle hint that the venue was owned by surfers and was visited frequently by local surfers....very subtle though.... ;)
There are no other words I can say to describe a show that when it's over and I am leaving my mouth does not close and I just sort of float back to the car. Yeah, I highly recommend anyone to go to his show, it is an evening (or 2 hours worth) of feel good music, that makes you just forget all your troubles. Ah I just love it.
We also were able to go down to the beach when we arrived in Solana. I saw lots of surfers out catching a wave or two. Lovely town. I would go back.
.......The Show....
(Photos all taken by me.)

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