May 24, 2013

Fa-Fa-Friday! Confessions

My cat is currently curled up in a ball in my lap with his head on my left arm so I am typing this very weirdly. Also he is purring. I love my cat. And I completely missed him whilst away at college.

-Slipping on mud in my very open sandals and thus making my foot brown and nasty. I had no time to wash off before class.
-Waking up 3 hours before you planned to be packed up and prepared to move haven't packed. You haven't even started.
-Not being capable of jumping.
-Laughing so much your office chair tips and you fall over.
-Moving your stuff out of your college dorm and into a storage unit. You choose the upstairs unit because it's cheaper. You did not know that meant you have to use an old rickety lift to raise and lower your items on....YIKES!
-Never having an actual conversation with roommate #2. And in my opinion she was a #2.
(mature humour there)
-Being absolutely horrible at posting blogs. I.just.dont.know.
-Not being able to navigate my way out of a parking lot today.
-Roommates moving out, thus I had a dorm all to myself, party for 1....not gonna lie though, it was kinda awesome.
-When you are telling a hilarious story and no one laughs. Except you.
-Being absolutely brain dead from studying for finals that when you go to turn in your final you start walking towards your professor with your arms extended as if you are going to give it to him but you are still all the way in the back of the room...keeep waaallkinnngg.
-Once you get up there to hand in your test your professor just stares at you as you are completely out of it and are not sure what you are doing with your test, that is until he grabs your attention and tells you were to place the test.
-After that you go to grab your graded paper, your professor is staring at you as you talk to yourself and you realize "Do we?....Oh, nope, ha, nevermind." walk out Katie. Walk out.
-Thinking up a great little tale to tell your crushmate "Pen" in your last ever sociology class. Instead you just catch him staring at you. So you look away.
-He goes to the bathroom and you just giggle when the teacher says something to his expense. Hi. I cannot speak to you because you are too attractive for words to fall from my face.
-You have a cry in your head as "Pen" leaves your classroom and leaves your life. FOREVER......unless this is a nicholas sparks novel, then maybe he'll re-enter my life in chapter 27 when he moves into my small town and I am working as a waitress who is looking for hope in her life.
-Telling your parents that "we must run to space mountain" when you are first in line to enter tomorrowland. Your parents start running, your jeans start to fall off your bum-ole. Stop running. Just walk fast while holding up your pants and balancing a backpack. Not a weird walk at all.
-Avoiding Splash Mountain. Hi I'm 22, and I STILL hate it.
-Realizing once you have returned to your hotel that your fly was long was it down is the real question.

-My mom joining my dad on his trip to help me move out. Such a good surprise!
-Selling all of my text books!
-Leaving my horrible 1st semester at college behind me.
-Hanging out with friends since my return home.
-My cats
-My room
-My family
-Frozen Lemonade courtesy of Disneyland.
-Gettin to have dinner at the Blue Lagoon Restaurant at Disneyland.
-The gym. Hello, I'm back and ready to get back into my pre-college body.

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