May 30, 2013


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I have been going to Yoga classes for a while now....since last thursday, and i am a completely changed human being. I am more relaxed, I can bend like a pretzel and I now consume only organic products.


But I have been going to yoga since last Thursday which is really a shame since next Tuesday I am having foot surgery and well there goes any kind of exercise for the rest of the summer. Last weeks class was fine, I went with my mom and sister and there was no giggling occurring, but today, Today I went with my sister and cousin and there was a lot of giggling.

Basically there were 3 poses that caused me to have non stop laughter: the turtle, the weird one where you stand on your head and balance on your arms, and the side plank (but that was because I was shaking uncontrollably). Also, the mirrors. Those things should just go away because well I think I look a certain way but those mirrors make me look a different way. I also enjoy going thinking everyone is a beginner like me and then class begins and a majority of people are bending and moving in ways you never thought possible.

The best part was that everyone else was serious and I just couldn't stop laughing. Yoga is great but sometimes it just makes me laugh.

Yep. It was a good class, besides the fact I couldn't stop laughing...and the lady next to me let some air out while stretching.....

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Anonymous said...

Human pretzel bending, yes, but a stretch makes you feel so good when it's done!