May 7, 2013

Met Gala 2013

Last night was the Met Gala. If you are not sure what the Met Gala or Met Ball is, I will tell you...even though deep down I am very sad you do not know what this glamorous event is. 
The Met Ball is hosted every year by Vogue at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the event marks the opening of a new fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. Basically it is the equivalent of the Oscars for fashion lovers. It is THE fashion event of the year. The Ball is held to raise money for the costume industry and makes my little fashion heart swoon over the couture gowns. Every year there is a theme and every year a different celebrity hosts the event. Last year, Carey Mulligan hosted, this year Rooney Mara. 
I rushed home from class to get myself fully prepared for 90 min of fashion coverage. I had my notebook handy and an iced refresher at hand, I made sure I used the restroom before the red carpet livestream began. Made myself comfortable at my desk and prepared to be fully enveloped in fabrics and sparkles. 
This year's theme was......Punk.

Let me just say, Givenchy killed it. So many fabulous ladies and gentlemen wearing Givenchy. The two that stood out the most to me though were Rooney Mara and Frank Ocean (mostly because of his shoes).

A lot of the celebrities had a different take on what punk meant to them, some were excellent, others were a bit too safe, and some COMPLETELY missed the mark....Kim Kardashian for instance, she was eaten by her grandmother's tapestries.

Since I feel like I must show you all of my favorite looks from the evening, I split the looks into different categories: Fab 4, Punk Divas, Honorable Mention, Worst Dressed, and Classy but not Punky.
Fab 4
Worst Dressed

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