May 8, 2013

Update: My Life

It's dead week. I am dead. I guess you could call me a zombie. Or maybe just refer to my life as the Walking Dead. This is my last week of classes, only 3 sweet days of lecture left, and then the dreaded finals come-uh haunting. The library is been where I have made my new home, which is fine if you like books and the smells of ink mixed with dust mixed with coughing/sneezing/sleeping/eating, college students.
Fortunately the last 2 days I have been able to study in my room, because well friends, my roommate moved out. Yes only one, but hey! I'll take what I can get. She moved out about a week ago and life in the quiet dorm has never been better....well when both are out it's the best but like I said, I'll take what I can get. So here's where the best part about roommate 2 moving out, she took the t.v. out of the living room!!! YES! The t.v. I that I was ready to smash to little bits because of how much roommate 1 would watch it on the loudest volume ever from 3pm-11pm, our room is so much quieter. I looooooveeeeee it. Also, roommate 1 actually has legit conversations with me, conversations that are more than just a "hiii" when I come back from class. Turns out she shares the same obsession with Harry Potter that I do. Shame it took us till the last week of school to figure that out.
I have only one class left of my favorite class on planet college, religion. I think my eyes have gotten more of an exercise in that class than any other class I have ever taken. My professor, for some reason, does not like me. So the fact that I only have to deal with her for one more 90 min class, I can deal with that.
On Monday in my music and culture class, my group had to present our group project, our subject: The Beatles. We made a video on their history and I'm not saying anything, but it was REALLY good. Like documentary on the History channel good. Our professor said we did an excellent job on it, so yippee-kiyeah on that! Side note, now I am a bit obsessed with the Beatles, and secretly wish that I could have been around when they were a band. So yep, there's another musical group that I have been listening to over and over again.
On Friday the wild fires were baddddddd here. I'm talking, I couldn't breathe they were that bad. Lots of kids (males only) were wearing masks, I say males only because it was only dudes wearing them and girls, let's be real, inner health or outer beauty, we're gonna pick outer beauty....I mean we are only in our early twenties/late teens here. It looked like snow was falling because of the ash that was floating around, and on the southern part of the city I live in, people were being evacuated. It was very different to be apart of that instead of just watching it on t.v..

FORGOT TO MENTION! Update on "Pen". Yesterday in class, a kid was talking and I looked at the kid talking and then my eyes drifted over to where Pen was sitting.......HE WAS LOOKING AT ME. I REPEAT. HE WAS LOOKING AT ME. We made eye contact. :D and then I quickly diverted my eyes because we both were like "woah!" and then yeah. A little piece of me jumped out of my chair and danced up and down the rows of tables in the class and scribbled on the white board pictures of daisies and hearts and then danced back down the isle and out the door. Yep magical. Purely magical. Unfortunately, I only have one more day of class with him before our final on Tuesday. Sad. And he's graduating so there goes any chance of a wedding. But he still will be a dreamy man in my books. And so smart. Wowee.
----------------------------Gosh where to go from that last tangent.....well I guess I could say that I have no motivation left for paper writing, which is a shame. Tomorrow will be here before too long and I have a paper left to finish, finish that's right friends, I actually started the paper early and am feeling stuck. I have no clue where to write from wherever I left off from. So that's good. I was going to finish it yesterday, but a lovely bugger called "migraine" came and my day was shot.
But in other news, there is another attractive fella at my school who looks like he stepped out of a euro-surfer ad. I thought he was from Norway or Sweden until I saw him yesterday get into a car and drive away. So I'm not really sure how my plan to catch his attention by wearing a bunad and dancing while saying "takk, takk" will work now. Here's the exciting bit though....okay not exciting but attractive, he skateboards, has blonde hair that is long, but not a gross long, like an "okay, yes hi Tim Riggins" kind of way. And he ALWAYS wears it in a ponytail at the lower part of the back of his head. He dresses so easy breezy, I just can't really go on any more because basically he is a swoon factor of a man and I really just want to be his friend.
UHMmmmm I looked into study abroad!! It looks like I will most likely (if everything goes through) be going in spring semester of 2014. EEEE!! I cannot wait :D I am not going to say where I plan on studying yet because life happens.
Yep that's my life right now. I need to finish writing some letters now though, so have a wonderful Wednesday, I know I will!
P.S. I am out of food. I have no cereal left, a 1/2 gallon of milk in my fridge, 1 apple, 1/2 a lemon, 1/2 can of soup, 1 bottle of mustard and water. Yum. School must be winding down because NOW my clothes are starting to fit like they used to. *Jumbo Jr here.*

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