May 11, 2013

No Title

My best friend graduates from college today. I am so proud of her! I wish I could be there to celebrate with her, but unfortunately her graduation hit just before finals week. :( I'll be there in spirit. GO ABBY!!!

On another note, I am almost done with school here. Crazy. I have finals monday-wednesday and move out on Thursday. My dad is flying in Thursday morning and helping me move out. I am looking forward to seeing my dad, we are going to to go the beach and then we'll head down to Disneyland. Woooohoooo! So Disneyland is where I'll be next Friday :D AND ON Saturday, HOME. Seattle I am coming for you :D

Alright friends, I must now pack up my blankie, my pillows, a change of clothes, and a lamp, it's time for me to go move in to the library. I do not know if I will remember what the sun feels like or what fresh air is like, but I will ace these finals. Cue mole status.....NOW....

Oh and here's this clip from SNL of my favorite sketch with Kristin Wiig and Fred Armisen.

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