August 14, 2013

Back To School

The only thing I liked about school was the shopping for clothes. Most importantly, the first day of school outfit. The IMPRESSION outfit. With the academic year starting to pop up I decided I would share an ensemble for the students in all of us. Happy Wednesday. I am leaving in about 15 min to go have surgery to remove the screws in my foot....Just a normal day ;)



Kendra Stricklin said...

Super cute! This would be such a great outfit for the first day of school - I really love the elephant bracelet!
Good luck on your surgery! Hope all is well (:

It's a Bug's Life


Rachel. said...

Awh the elephant charm is so cute! Love the jumper too! xo
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Katie said...

I love em! Thanks for stopping by :)

Katie said...

Thank you thank you!