August 15, 2013

Pain of the Surgical Kind

Yesterday I had surgery. I thought it would be a quick 10 min surgery where they re-cut my foot open and take out the 2 screws. Ha! It was more like an hour surgery. When I woke up I felt disgusting. I think they filled my iv with different types of anti nausea meds, the last one which thankfully worked, made me so sleepy I was saying things to the nurse that I would not normally say under a conscience and clear mind. Oh well. I also spilled my entire glass of 7-Up after the nurse handed me that. I remember going thinking "how the heck did I spill that." I told the nurse and she cleaned it up after saying "Oh my, yes you did." I apologized and she said "not to worry." Ha! SLightly unconscious Katie seems somewhat more entertaining than conscious Katie, but since I prefer being aware of what I'm doing, i think I'll stick with the conscious girl.
When I got home my dad met me at the car and helped walk me to my bed, where I fell over and was conked out for a good 2 hours. When I woke up my family brought me food and I "watched" the devil wears prada". I slept through 75% of it. But the best thing is was that I woke up RIGHT when they made it to Paris. Beaut.
I slept in my parents room last night since my aunt is visiting us for a few days, and I think I woke up every 2 hours from realistic dreams. I think I also hit my head with my cell phone. Reminder, don't be on pain killers and text/tweet people, you say stuff you probably shouldn't.
I am feeling much better today, and then I remembered I said I would switch shifts with my co-worker....she works the morning shift. Which means I have to be at work in an hour. I am praying my foot feels less bad today. And that I can keep my eyes open. So wish me luck! Have a great Thursday :)

OH THEY LET ME KEEP THE SCREWS!!!!! They are quite large.

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