December 9, 2013

Dead Week Begins

This week is "Dead Week" on campus. Yay. With the craziness that is finals coming up next week, it is nice to know I have a full 7 days for studying and for packing and for talking to profs and for doing excess homework. Bahahahaha. Dumb.
I really cannot wait for 2 weeks from today when I am home in the coziness that is listening Christmas music while my mom and I drink our hot drinks as we sit in front of the Christmas tree during the quite of the morning. AHHHHH I love home. It's a good thing to go to.
Today i will literally be running around campus like a crazy woman getting signatures from different professors for course approvals, as well as trying to figure out what the heck to do with a mini fridge. If anyone reading this wants it you can have it. It's actually a super nice fridge. And it's stainless steel. that I've awkwardly used my blog to sell or give away a fridge........on to other things.
I think it's fair to say I have lost all motivation for finishing this semester. Something happened when I went home for break. Maybe I left my motivation in my room, or maybe my motivation landed on my dresser at home and is just sitting there...(hey mom, if it is there could you please send it with the package...thanks!) I am trying to amp myself up for finals but it is really difficult, especially when there are so many other fun things to do like watch a movie, or eat chocolate, or watch lots of YouTube how to's. And don't even get me started on Pinterest, we all know I have a problem on that site.
Basically I am struggling. I always envision in my head how I will be like they are in movies when sudden motivation strikes them and all of their dreams come true, but when class is done and I am out of excuses for watching TV I wind my way down to my room, take out my books open them, turn to the right page and then suddenly my phone seems 10x more entertaining than it did 5 minutes before. Why is that?

Alright, well I have procrastinated enough, time to figure out what to wear for the dreaded case of the Monday's. Have a great day everyone! Try to stay warm!

Oh and Sam Garrett, yeah I am really digging his sound. SO here's a song for you all for the day :)

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