December 10, 2013

Tune in Tuesday

It's Tuesday! My last Tuesday of the semester for sitting in anatomy lecture and stats...I mean I still have Thursday but it's the last Tuesday that I will dread. Yahoooooo!
Today is yet another crazy day for me. I tried to finish my stats homework last night but after a while I decided I should go to bed since I wasn't going to get any farther with the homework. YES. I have to finish my assignment before 2:15 today, as well as I have to head to the library to do the rest of the assignment....darn you SPSS. I will not be missing that program, nope nope nope. After class today I have less than an hour and then I will be heading to a dinner hosted by my school for select students, which is awesome. Although I hope it isn't longer than 2 hours because I have a lab final tomorrow and well, I gotta study. So it's a little hectic in my little head of mine.
I hope you all have a great Tuesday! Christmas is getting closer!!!!!!!!!!! YAHHHHHHHHOOO!!

Since I will be needing something to get me through today, here is my music choice for the day:

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