December 17, 2013

Finals Day 2


YAy.......I cannot wait to finish this class. It has been my nemesis this entire semester and I will be happy to kiss it goodbye.
As for after the final, I will be going to the mail room, purchasing a box and shipping that sucker of a text book as far away from me as possible! Muahahahahahha. I am a kind soul, honest.
This morning I headed out early for a long walk around my town to clear my head and to let off some stress. I really truly believe that if everyone took a walk when stress levels increased, the world would have minuscule problems. Yep. So go for a walk today :)
I have a solid 3 days left here in California which means I still have 3 days to pack up an entire room filled with stuff. Oh yippeeeeeeeeee (I have no clue when I will get that packing done, but it will get done, even if it happens at 2 am, the night before an 8 am final.

Time to go meet up with my study group for one final review before the test this afternoon! Toodles!!

Here's a Michael Jackson tune because he is a class act.

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