December 19, 2013


I AM DONE! I AM DONE! I AM DONE! I just completed the hardest semester of my academic career. College is no joke kiddos. It is blood, sweat and tears, loooootttts of tears.
I am sitting here looking around my empty apartment that I shared with my lovely roommates who I will miss a lot. How incredible is that? I actually loved my roommates and enjoyed coming home to a room full of laughter and chit chat. Total 180 from my first semester here. I cannot believe this semester has come to a close, not only did I complete psychology classes, but I passed ANATOMY and STATS!! That is HUGE for me. And my body knows it, it is all sorts of sore....hahaha thanks stress.
My room is like an echoey cave with white walls and no design style, but on the bright neighbor was playing guitar about 30 min ago. He sounded excellent. I will miss that wall we shared these past 4 months. Hot neighbor, if you're reading this, it's been real. Thanks for the sweet sounds to keep me company.

I am getting picked up to go to the airport in about 2 hours :D and then it's off to the land of frozen terrain and rain. I AM GOING HOME TONIGHT!! I love flying home, it is the best feeling ever ever ever ever ever. Clearly I am not excited ;)
And Christmas is next week!? Whhhhhhaaaaa!! I haven't even gone shopping, my presence is presents enough if you ask me.

Okay, seeing as I am watching rerun's of Sex and the City and completely doing the whole open mouth while watching tv and hardly blinking...I think I should probably go, maybe take a nap? I don't know. But friends, have a great day!!

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Anonymous said...

Soooo happy you are home! And your Instagram of the pretzel rods makes me want to eat the whole thing! Merry Christmas!