December 16, 2013

Last Monday of the Semester....and so Finals Week Begins...

What's everyone up to this week before Christmas? Wrapping presents? Decorating the house? Travelling? I am kickstarting my week with my first final of the week. Yay!

And it's as if Monday's couldn't be any better ;) Actually in all seriousness though, the test I have today is nothing compared to Tuesday and Thursday's finals. I really don't want to take the final today though because it means my abnormal psych class has come to an end and I love that class. :(
The only thing keeping me somewhat sane this week is the knowledge that come Friday I will be home decorating the house and christmas cookies with my mom! I really shouldn't be as excited as I am about that but it is all I can think about.
I cannot believe this semester has come to an end. It literally flew by. I have to pack up everything in my dorm and ship it home because I won't be at my school next semester :D I will be doing something I have wanted for so long and eeeeeeeek!! I cannot believe it's almost here. I'll tell you guys about it another time, but just know I am beyond excited.
I am going to miss my roommates though, these girls have been beyond amazing, truly have made me feel so at ease and at home. Thanks ladies!! I will miss our night chats :)

As for the Southern Californian sun, yes you beautiful ball of light, I will see you again I'm sure, just not at the same intensity. Thanks for being extra hot this week to send me home on a good warm tannish note.

I hope you all have a great monday! I gonna go for a run that will most likely turn into a walk because running is really not fun. And breathing is harder. Ew. ;)


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Anonymous said...

Good luck on your finals. You'll do great, I'm sure. No matter what happens, it's cookies and decorating on Friday!