January 1, 2015

2015, Hello, Nice to Meet You

Happy New Year!!!

I don't know about you but I think the best part about saying goodbye to one year and greeting the new year is exciting and some what riveting! It's a new start, a fresh beginning. Kick the old habits, bring in better habits. How lovely!

My new year's eve was going to be the typical me, my cats and a movie, then my friend texted me and invited me out. It was absolutely wonderful spending a few hours at a charming little pub, sitting around a table with friends laughing until we cried. I felt so blessed to be surrounded by people who I have known almost my entire life. I even enjoyed a moscow mule which was delicious, and went quite well with the holiday garland that surrounded the window pane. It was a festive and hilarious evening. Some of my friends came back to my house (since my family was out of town), we switched out of our clothes into comfy jammies, made some tea and snuggled up on the couch watching a movie. I think we went to bed right after midnight. A very relaxed evening, my kind of holiday.

This morning I awoke completely confused, I have no idea why. I walked around my house and realized that I should just go back to bed because it was so early. So I did. Later deciding to just turn the tree lights on, light some candles, boil some water and make breakfast. An relaxing morning with my sister and our friends. I really cannot complain for how I welcomed 2015.

(Not to mention I am still on the couch, with movie number two on in the background, my cats sleeping, and a clean plate from my cinnamon roll that had previously been on there. Mmmmmm, I like today!

I hope you all had a great new years, and if you did not -- here's the good news-- there's a whole 365 days left to make the year a great one for you! What ever that may be, do you, make it a year that you look back on which makes you smile, laugh, cry. Just live. Live.


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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you! What will 2015 mean to you? Good things and opportunities, I hope. (The pub you were at is great fun!)