June 30, 2015

Barre None

Tonight I decided to be trendy and go to a barre exercise class.
I have been to one before, and it was tolerable and fun at the same time. So I thought, why not?
I hadn't planned on going this morning, so when I awoke I headed to the gym as usual, did a rather vigorous workout and headed home.
Then my friend texted and asked if I wanted to join her at barre this evening.

Friends. Yes.
Exercise with friends. Okay.

And I want to look like this....
We went and when we arrived to class, the instructor was the same one from our insane core/cardio class where I wanted to run out of the building but i didn't...yeah that was our instructor.

She asked if I had taken barre before, which I said yes! And did not mention only one time before so please go easy on me, I want to walk tomorrow.....no I left that out because I wanted to sound strong.

Fool I am.

Basically the 45 minute session was FRIGHTENING. Within the first 10 min my legs were shaking so bad that even when I put them flat on the ground in a normal standing position they were wobbling like Jell-o. I mean sweat was just rolling off of me, and my poor legs I could hear them crying. Don't make me laugh or sneeze either tomorrow because it already hurts to sit up and it's only been about 3 hours since the class let out.

We did this move....
Torture. I tell ya. Torture.

I can't say I gave it my all though, I slacked towards the end ONLY because my body was screaming at me and I didn't want to repeat some of the same moves that I had done earlier in the day. I mean, who wants to plank more than the necessary amount of times....only this time squish a medium sized exercised ball under your toes....that's pain.

When the class let out the teacher excitedly asked me what i thought of the class, I laughed and said, "Haha! It was very intense, great workout but woah." In my head I was saying other things along the lines of, "No wonder you look like that, can we trade bodies, and like you just whip mine into shape and then give me it back. Also I do not like you right now, or tomorrow. I will be back to your class but I do not like you right now. Great class but what the heck." Yeah.

Getting home I practically crawled like a tiny baby infant up the stairs into my house. Except I am not an infant, I am 24, so I looked really pathetic, probably worse than a newly crawling child.

In all honesty, I liked the class, it's just shocking how much you think your in shape and then you do something different and awaken hidden muscles and you are like "Oh, no. I found some." Because we all know the pain that comes the next day.

I will be back though. Believe me.

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