July 14, 2015

When Your Friends Move Forward...

Warning, this is not entertaining post and if you are not in the mood to hear me be serious then stop reading now..........

You still here? I warned you......

Okay, but if this post bores you don't blame me, blame yo'self.

....Hitting the "in your twenties" landmark of life can be very unnerving. You finish college, you get your first real job (for some, others like to continue school and be a professional student *cough* me*) and others meet their match and settle down. It feels like a roller coaster of emotions, and there is no end in sight. We have reached the age of ADULT LIFE. No one left to hold our hand, or say that's okay we will take you there tomorrow. Yeah, hate to break it to you but that's over.

Last week I met up with two of my dearest friends, one I saw one day and the other I saw the next. Both broke the news of an upcoming marriage and they want me to be involved in one way or another. I took the news great the first day, I mean I love my friends and I love when they have found someone who loves them better than anyone else could which makes me elated for them. However, hearing the 2nd round of that news from another friend the next day made me want to find a very high cliff, or a very dark cave, or a room filled with chocolate and kittens and endless episodes of Real Housewives. Again, I am happy for these friends, but stop.

I can count on one hand how many of my friends from my childhood I have left that are single and even that hand is beginning to close up. When did I get to be the age that marriage is a possibility? I didn't ask Sesame Street how to get to Adulthood street and somehow I ended up here.

It's laughable to myself and I am sure to you reading this (if you are the same age in life as myself) that every time you get on some social media there is at least one photo of a happy couple, or a bling ring, or a baby/pregnancy announcement, or even a new house. Congratulations to all of you moving on in life, for the sake of the rest of us though, please post a photo of something like Pizza, or cookies, or an empty bed, just because maybe we would like to think you are still human.

It's an exciting time, a very surreal time, and I am genuinely happy for all the happy people. It's true.

I just kind of wonder if it will ever happen for me, or will I be 76 and be like "I AM ENGAGED!" or "I JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE!" and everyone else will be like #retired #grandchildnumber7 or #hipsurgeryforus.....maybe not the last one.

Facebook will probably be long gone by that time though...

Anyways to all y'all eating pizza, drinking wine, or watching netflix wondering when your life will be social media appropriate, keep on keeping on because it seems like you and I would make great friends and then I can add more fingers to the single friends hand.

And just so you know, the fact is your view on your "success" in adulthood is nothing that a donut and tea/coffee cannot fix. Jus' sayin.

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