August 3, 2015

Oh la La

Hello friends!

I am currently in the process of redesigning my blog so bare with me as I am rather behind the times on posts.
I recently went to Memory Lane, population me, and got onto to google maps to retrace my steps of where I lived in London. I was hoping I would find myself in a photo but they have updated the photos on google since I left and I was not "found" on the images.

Slightly disappointed.

Yesterday I had a terrible stomach ache that I am still sort of tending to today, though it is not nearly as bad as it was yesterday. That's good because I do not want to spend 7 more hours on the couch watching movies, fun when you do not feel well but rather boring when you would like to feel better.

*Screaming and shouting from children* my neighbors have a few little ones and they just started crying and yelling a lot, our windows are open and I think theirs are too...nonetheless they just verbalized my feelings about Monday.

I have had the joy of multiple coffee dates with friends these past few weeks and I think if I were a doctor I would prescribe that as the medicine of curing all things painful, annoying, or just heavy. I don't know what it is, but that beverage, that croissant, that is one of my favorite joys in life and I always feel like a rejuvenated human after coffee with friends, although in my case it's tea with friends.

My cat Milo turns 14 today. Can't believe we got him when I was 10. Time flies when you have a cat.
Happy birthday fluffy man, you are the best cat. 100%.

Turns out I am obsessed with Ikea. I went twice in the span of a week. I am going again next week. Ja ja.

My addiction towards english breakfast tea and dunking some sort of cookie or chocolate sweet into the piping hot cup has returned. In full swing too. I typically consume about 2-3 cups per day, chocolate I do not count into the amount as it melts upon dipping and I really can't count melt. Not apologizing hips, I just want you to have more company.

Lastly, my sister and I had the pleasure of going to see Gary Lightbody (lead singer of Snow Patrol) perform for a tiny crowd of abut 200 people in Seattle. Honestly, I can say without hesitation, one of the top 3 shows I have ever been to. It was great because it was 21+ so no screaming teenagers. Also great because a lot of older folks were there and they came to hear music so when it was showtime the room was silent, even for the support act. YES. And Lightbody kept playing, he didn't have an end time and kept asking us when we wanted to be done which we kindly retorted "Never, we will be here all night". We got to hear great stories, personal songs and have interaction with him which is one of the best things about small venues. And my goodness, I forget sometimes how much I love people from across the pond because 1.) their sarcasm 2.) their accents and 3.)did I mention sarcasm.
Such an enjoyable evening. :)

I am off to fight this annoying whatever I have, not sure if I am getting sick, or my body is just exhausted, either way not loving the computer screen so I am going to sign off for now!

Have a fabulous Monday :)

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