August 6, 2015

My Guilty Pleasure...

I have a guilty pleasure and it's name is Reality TV. There is something so perfect to me about watching other peoples lives unravel before their eyes and just let the drama unfold. I refer to it as "garbage TV". I love it.
There is another reality TV show though that I love even more than Real Housewives or the Bachelor or Project Runway and that would be The Great British Bakeoff.

OH MY YUMMY GOODNESS! If you have not heard of it go and youtube it right now. My mom and I watch it religiously. We are ecstatic when it starts and saddened when it's over. We even rewatch the season just to keep the magic alive.

It is a baking show that is based out of England. The kitchen is a giant tent in a beautiful park. The hosts are two very sarcastic and pun-y ladies that I adore, two professional bakers and 12 normal bakers with no professional experience. It is absolutely splendid to watch with a cup of tea at hand. They make three bakes and are judged each time. You get worried with the bakers, you rejoice with the bakers, and you begin to judge the bakes yourself. The music is peppy, the decor is pleasant and basically it is so delightful to watch that I want you all to become addicted with me.

If you are in the UK it's airing on TV right now, if you are not in the UK I would say YOUTUBE it. That's all.

from Andy Devonshire 

"On your mark, get set, watch."



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Puddings! Pasties! Tarts and Sponges! Not to mention the biscuits! Deliciously delightful watching!